Traveling is nothing but leaving from one place to another on a vacation trip.

Holiday trip

Definitely, the holiday trip soothes our mind and the people start feeling very relaxed and stress-free. Cause they leave their work and workplaces and the pressure, the burden is forgotten in the travel. So, they enjoy the full trip with their family members and make the vacation a drool-worthy thing for life.

Vacation trip

Everyone should try to plan for a vacation trip with their family members to enjoy the nature and the atmosphere of different places. The tour trips help the public to know about a lot of new things about the places and they come back to their home learning many useful things for life.


Even the schools and colleges are arranging a travel trip for their students, just to make them free from the education stress and when they come out for a vacation, they come to know about the various languages, the slang of different states, the behavior of people and much more. The students should watch the surroundings, the way the people speak and everything because these and all are very useful for this generation of children.

Types of vacation

Almost everyone would like to go for a vacation trip to spend time with their family members. There are various types of vacations and let us have a look at it.

  • Abroad trip
  • Beach trip
  • Road trip
  • Cruise trip
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Abroad trip

This is nothing but traveling to international countries, but this requires a lot of formalities to be done before traveling like a temporary visa, accommodation and much more. It is better to go for the abroad trip once the kids have grown up because the food and the climate will differ from our home country. So there are many chances of getting sick.

Beach trip

The beach trip is just traveling to visit a beach near our place and it doesn’t require anything much. A beach is really a fantabulous place and all the stress and tension will automatically fly off and we will surely come back home with a peace of mind.

Road trip

The road trip is usually preferred by the males because they love to travel anywhere with their own bikes, but the risk is so high, and they must take care of them well while traveling.

Cruise trip

The travel in the ships is generally called a cruise trip and this is something interesting as we travel in the ships watching the fabulous and admiring waves. But the disadvantage here is some people start feeling nauseated while choosing this source of travel.

The travel agency has become countless and we can see at least one agency in a street. This is really a great success for them. The advantages of employing a travel agent are:

Advantages of reaching travel agents:

They provide their customers with a wide variety of special offers and discounts and this is a great thing for the clients because if they go and book tickets directly, there is no opportunity of getting any discounts. But this is possible only with the travel agencies and this is the main reason for the people to use those wonderful agencies for their tickets.

The travel agents clearly know about the places and the hotels near the location. They can even suggest their patrons choose the places to stay and enjoy the holiday trip. If people do not select any agency, then they must worry about the excellent hotels to stay and this will also make a confusion about whether the hotel is safe or not. But when they seek the help of the agents, they will support them to have a great journey and a wonderful holiday trip.

They know very well about the climate in the place and they help their clients to bring all the safety measures to tolerate the weather condition.

  • Disadvantages

    Though there are various advantages, there are some limitations too with the travel agents.

  • They are very clear about the payments and they will never adjust for any delayed pay. The customers must give the amount to them at the beginning itself and this is easily not fair.

  • The advance amount the clients pay is not refundable. If the customers feel that they do not want to proceed with that agent and ask for the refund of the initial amount, the travel agency will never give back to them and this is the main reason why many people avoid going with the agencies.

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